EuroScalpingPro Tickdata Backtest Reports

Disclaimer: Backtest data has not been verified by Collective2.

The basic logic of EuroScalpingPro is the same with Aggressive Trend Scalper. But it is designed to work on higher spread conditions, for now only have 1 strategy for eurusd and usdjpy respectively. Today I just created this strategy in Collective2, but have no new trades yet.

Backtest conditions
①spread: eurusd 1.5 pips, usdjpy 1.5 pips
②commissions: zero
③volume: fixed 10 lot per trade for $50k virtual balance
④period: from 2013.01.01 to 2019.02.01
⑤Backtest Tool: Tickdata suite on MT4 terminal, Tickdata data source: Dukascopy
⑥Please note that backtest is only hypothetical performance results based on historical data.

Chart 1. Merged backtest reports

Chart 2. Backtest report of eurusd

Chart 3. Backtest report of usdjpy

Disclaimer: Backtest data has not been verified by Collective2.

Although the system is named as “Scalper”, from a technical view, it is a “short term trend follower”.
Here is the backtest report of "reverse logic".
Please note that we have to use fixed 1 lot per trade for $50k virtual balance. If not, the virtual account should be stopped out in very early stage.

Chart 1. Merged Reverse logic backtest reports

Chart 2. eurusd reverse logic

Chart 3. usdjpy reverse logic