Evaluating Collective2 System as developer


I have setup an account to see whether I can build a business case for exposing my system through Collective 2.

Here are some questions that I have:

Administrative questions:

How do I remove unwanted system that I own? That I have not entered any signals.

If I can’t remove it, how do I change the name of the system that I own?

Security, Technical questions:

I am looking at your API usage described here: http://www.collective2.com/content/automationEncloser.htm

Is there a way to enter signals without sending my password? Sending my password makes the request repeatable by any packet sniffers on any relay servers between me and Collective 2. Does Collective 2 have a web service that I can consume with https protocol instead?



Hi, Ed:

In addition to using your regular user password, you can also use your secondary password (the "data services password") which even if sniffed provides only limited access to the account. You can set that password via your My Account screen (reachable via top menu bar).

To answer your second question: yes, you can access all API services (such as signal.mpl) via https.

Thank you very much for the quick reply.

One more question, is there anyway to change the pricing strategy and system name?

Thank you for your time.


Yes. Use the ADMIN menu (just above your system’s chart) and choose EDIT SYSTEM DETAILS.

Thanks Matthew.

One last question, will I get charged for test systems?



Ah, I think we will still get charged listing fee.

Sorry for the bother.