Export of signals/historical data from C2

It might be useful if C2 will provide:

1. Download to text file current system signals. In the case a subscriber will have an option to not use TB if he/she doesn’t want to use it.

2. Download to text file full system history by trades. In the case anybody who is trying to figure out what a system is will have ability to play with system history as he/she wants. Right now you have to manually extract all trades from history and it’s very inconvenient.

As example, if I had the possibility to download full system history in one shot I can run my Monte Carlo simulator with any conditions that I want.



If it won’t be implemented in C2 it’s fine.

Can you pls, confirm it?



There is an API available for receiving current signals. I don’t think the downloading of a text file containing the same material is a feature which is likely to appear soon. (Unless theres some huge demand that I am unaware of.) - MK


Thank you for your response.

1. Agreed. Even if a subscriber isn’t programmer he/she has plenty of time to manipulate with signals for EOD system. It’s nice to have, but it’s not necessary.

2. What about downloading history of a system by trades? Now you have to click and click and click and copy/paste the trades before you can put it for estimation of a system to your software. Personally, I gave up it takes a lot of time and in most of cases the job is useless and the time is pure wasting. If a subscriber will be able to download full history of a system in one click, maybe it helps somebody to make a decision that will be based not only on C2 stats and graphs.