Futures Spread Orders


I am new at this site, I just what to ask if is possible to submit spread orders in futures. I mean an buy order on the Lean Hog February- April Spread ???



I do a lot of spreads. I put them on and take them off one leg at a time.

I trader at one time, 4 o 5 different contracts, soybean, lean hogs, Cl, Corn… and not just spread also butterflys.

If I have to leg in all trades I can spend all day trying to get the fair price…

Thanks, I will wait till the C2 team will make this improvements.


Greg, The other option is to put on the trades in tradestation and then on c2 only market orders will be exectuted. We have made our own software in order to overcome the many C2 limitations.


I actually trade with CTS4, but I will check trade station, to see how does it works.