Great system but doesn't appear in "Best Futures System"

Hello C2 Team,
My system ChampionTrader-ES currently has the highest Calmar Ratio (=147) among all thousands of systems on C2. Its PF currently is 3.6 and Sharpe is 4.7. Still, the system doesn’t show in “Best Futures Systems” category. Why?
What more is needed of a system to get into “Best Futures Systems” category? Please advise.

I’m also interested to hear the answer to this question John. My systems do not yet warrant the focus that yours does, but am concerned to hear that there may not be a level playing field. Paying system license fees (as I have) is fine, but I assumed (correctly?) this entitled us to a level playing field when users of C2 came to choose a system provider.

John and Peter:

When talking about “Best Systems,” “best” is in the eye of the beholder. There are many ways to rank best systems, but in general, C2 uses the power of crowds, and gives large weight to system popularity and longevity.

So, yes, a nice Calmar Ratio is well and good, and does in fact play a part in the computerized selection process, but so too does the general popularity of the system, and its ability to stand the test of time.