Have the 2008 taxforms been mailed yet?

I assume Matt did mail them, although I haven’t got mine yet. If I don’t get it in the next couple of days I have to ask for a new one, I guess.

Have you got yours?

I HOPE they got mailed… haven’t got mine… and am sweating as I am supposed to be meeting with my accountant over the weekend.

Matt, please respond.


I have not got mine either, maybe he can just e-mail something to me…

By the way, just let me know if you are not going to send the information to the government, then I would not need you to give me the information…

This was my fault. I did file the 1099s electronically with the IRS but I neglected to ask our service bureau to mail the paper forms to you. They should be in the mail already. I will confirm mailing with the service bureau on Friday and post status here. Again, I apologize for the delay.