Hedging with Crypto


I would like to hedge my portfolio by purchasing Bitcoin with just 1% of the balance. To the awesome C2 Team, it seems time to implement crypto. It is a valuable tool. It can be misused like all instruments. It will draw a new crowd to your platform. Maybe allow users to filter systems on whether they trade crypto.

Just some ideas. Have a beautiful weekend!


They have worked on doing crypto before, but not sure if it is still available. I am sure you already know that you can use futures or GBTC to get some exposure. No doubt both have some serious differences to actual crypto, but if you want to get exposure you could use those. Again I know they are not perfect. In fact you could say GBTC is usually 30% off of perfect :wink:

That’s really helpful. Thanks for responding.


Not sure what you are trading to hedge exactly, since Bitcoin in not inversely correlated to the S&P 500, for instance.

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The collapse of world currencies.

There is no bear market in the Forex.

Seems this is getting off topic.

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I mean the intrinsic value of Bitcoin is kinda like the intrinsic value of fiat currencies in the end…


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