How are the profit & loss figures calculated?

I have tried to work out the profit & loss calculations on C2 from the P/L figures given (within the P/L colum on the closed positions), but with no joy. Can someone please show me a REAL trade example on a ‘trading system’ for all to see (on a closed position).

Please calculate in plain english and post to a link to the example ‘trading system’ used and the trade ID etc.

The only trade that I see for your own system is:

BTO 300 USD/JPY 117.70667 4/7/06 8:35 STC 300 117.72000 4/7/06 9:32 No calc $339

So you bought 300 lots at 117.70667 and sold them at 117.72000. With a lot size of $100 I get

100 300 (117.72000 - 117.70667) = 399.9 = (rounded) 400.

So I cannot explain the $339. Apart from this I thought that lot size 10,000 was used for forex, which would make the result even more strange, but I don’t trade forex myself so I can easily be wrong in this.


Forex P/L calculations are a bit different than other P/L calcs. This may be what is causing confusion.

First, C2 calculates the profit/loss of the trade in the base currency. In your case, you used Japanese Yen to speculate on the U.S. Dollar. Thus, first profit is determined in Yen.

Then C2 converts the profit back to U.S. Dollars. The conversion rate used is the exhange rate at the time that profit is “repatriated” back into your C2 Account (which is of course denominated in US Dollars).

So: the right-most P/L column is the forex profit/loss after conversion into USD.