Important: Holiday Trading Hours

Notice about Special Holiday Trading Limitations

We have been informed by two of our broker partners (openECry and optionsXpress) that both brokers will not support trading in any futures markets, including foreign futures, after the close on December 23rd at 5:30pm ET even though certain foreign exchanges will be open during this time. After the close of business on December 23 5:30pm ET, customers will not be able to make any changes to existing positions or add new positions until trading resumes on Sunday, December 26th at 6:00 pm ET.

AutoTrading Subscribers: If you use either of these brokers, no trade will be executed in your AutoTrade account between Dec 23 and Dec 26, regardless of what the system vendor enters into C2.

System vendors: Be aware that the majority of your AutoTrading Subscribers use these two brokers. Even if you enter trades into C2, no trades will take place in brokerage accounts during the period referenced above. Once trading resumes at these brokers, C2’s AutoSynchronization will synchronize subscriber accounts so that their positions match your C2 positions. Regardless, you may want to consider whether you should close positions before this period begins.