Improve the function of forum

Please make some changes to let people easier to put a post.

I still could not put out a new thread in the forum

Why not? What do you need help doing?

To start a new forum, click the word FORUM next to the trading system for which you wish to create a forum.

Then click POST.

His wording sounded like he means "how do I start a new thread in an existing forum" But that is what he just did, so I dunno…

You already have POST in three different places…

I do not mean to mess up your forum, I want to post my own system result in a new separate place in the forum. Can you instruct me how to create a new forum?

I click on the left side of this page “Forums’” it does not lead me to make a new forum, instead, it shows all existing topics. Where can I put a new topic of my own?

Please give me a link.


On the main page, right next to your system, there is a link saying "Forum". Click on that and you will be able to create a forum for your system.

I found it pretty easy.

- Fanus

Thanks a lot, Fanus.


I go back to my system, I did not see "forum" there, I do not know why?

I think this is the main problem I could not find a way to create a forum,

can anyone send me a screen shot on how to create a new forum?

It makes me look stupid, but the caes is odd, I just want to get the problem solved. I have been to many forums, never have such an issue, very frustrating.

After you login you are on your Home Page. There is the main grey-ellow line of your system - data then "trade", "magnifier"…the last is "Forum".

Click on that.