Intraday Futures Strategies

Are there any intraday futures strategies out there worth investing in?

Here is one from me that trades ES and NQ intraday that you may consider if you like it -

Here are 3 intraday strategies in my watch list.
I think they all did well.


My strategy might be of interest to you, some positions are held intraday while others are held for a few days.

Almost of my strategies are intrady. Only 2 trading system are swing trading.

Both are TOS.

Hello @AndresPadrones

Is it possible to get before hand notice on trades for your systems?

Hello. TraderPRO.

Sorry but in dont understand the question.

What are you refering to?


Your trading system. Can you send signals before, so that I may manually take them?

No, sorry. Almost of systems are intraday and are checking conditions constantly. Would be a madness to insert and change each one manually.

It’s not madness - if it’s possible. I have found two system owners who can do this for me. It’s useful for a professional trader, since I can then counter hedge them. Thanks for your response.

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