Invalid Order


I am getting the following error message when trying to perform a BTO order.

Unable to BTO 9999 XXX - Current account cash is $3,878.51; proposed trade requires cash of $12,000.78(code=pre)OK

If for example, I have 1 stock AAA that is using up my entire buying power

How do I perform the following…

1) Sell stock AAA at 12:55 EST using "park" option

2) Buy stock BBB (using all equity) at 13:00 EST using "park" option

3) This is an EOD system that send all signals overnight using the park option.


Am I doing something wrong or is this a limitation when using the park feature?

Hi, CEO:

Can you try using park-until or all orders?


BUY 100 shares of AAA (using all available margin)

Then: SELL 100 shares of AAA (park until 14:00)

Then: BUY 100 shares of BBB (park until 14:01)

Will this work?


Thank you for your reply.

What you wrote is exactly the problem. To answer your question, no it did not work.

I got the error message (I detailed in original message) when I tried to input the 2nd buy order that you described.

It appears that the system looks at the buy power at the time of entry, no matter what orders are parked or that the order in question will be parked.