Is a good season to trade gold?

Hello traders,

I have been part of a team of traders and developers for several years specialized in trading and research on precious metals. During 2008-2013 we traded Gold with excellent results thanks to the great volatility and swing movements presented by this product. During 2014-2015 gold futures contracts had sideways price movements, making it harder to obtain good profits, but despite of that you can check our positive results during 2015.

At the end of 2015 and during 2016 the gold futures contracts have had a kind of similar behavior to what we saw during 2008-2013 period. A swing movement of the prices makes it easier to obtain better profits.
These are our results:

We consider that this kind of good tendency with good profits will remain for other years; however I want your opinion. Do you think is a good season to trade gold again? What do you think of the last movements presented by gold during the last months?

Thanks for your comments.