Making C2 Easier to capture profit

It would be great to have a simple option in settings to have a target P&L to exit a position in dollar terms. This would be a major improvement for the non sophisticated trader. Similar to I the current stop loss mechanism on C2 but the reverse. Having a target dollar profit to exit a position as a setting.

, If I am not at the computer and have some trades opened then I’d want it to be closed if P&L reaches certain amount. It is not the same as having set price targets for every open trade.[poll type=regular results=always]

  • Having a target profit in value terms to exit a trade. This is different than setting an exit price for every trade. Yes
  • No

Hi all,

Tried to do a poll but could it get it to work. Let’s go old school, if you like the above suggestion give a thumbs up or a simple yes


That’s okay, no need for a poll. Thanks for the suggestion. Noted.

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