Margin amount for positions calculations?

This is addressed to Mathew Klein.

I wrote about this in the Market Mood Oscillator forum and you did not answer the last part of the question. Since I am a subscriber to only the MMO, I can talk about the problem only with this system’s problems.

The way you post the margin requirements in the positions held overnight are wrong. You seem to use only the day trade margins even when the positions are held overnight. This inaccuracy affects how many contracts one can actually own at any given time in one’s account. For example: in MMO even today again there are positions of Oil held overnight. 4 contracts are accounted by C2 at a margin of only $12000, when the actual exchange margins are over $28000. Similar problem is there with other contracts as well.

If the correct margin is not reported how can the system owner / administrator place orders for correct number of contracts that the eaccount can support. It seems that Cari is totally unaware of the problem and refferred this question to you. But she on a daily basis places orders on the basis of these margin rates.