Margin and Buying Power Changes

During the evening of January 24, we upgraded the software which calculates margin usage and buying power. The goal was to make the calculations more accurate, and also to move toward a more conventional use of industry terminology.

This was a big change, and its effects – some anticipated and some not – are rippling through the site as I write this. The new calculations probably had the largest effect on stock-trading systems.

If you are a system vendor, please look carefully at your system and make sure you have positive Buying Power. If you don’t, you’ll need to liquidate positions immediately, or face an unpleasant margin call. When a C2 margin call occurs, C2 will liquidate portions of your portfolio in a sloppy way that will likely upset you. It’s better that you take charge of this rather than C2.

Other notes. If you notice anything strange about a system’s margin-use, buying power, equity chart, or some related aspect of C2, please write me an email stating as clearly and specifically as possible exactly what you believe is wrong, and why you believe it is wrong. Make sure you tell me which trading system you are talking about. Screenshots are often helpful, though not required. Most important: try to stay calm, and do not flip your bozo bit. This was a necessary software upgrade, and while I try my best to make such upgrades transparent and painless to the C2 community, the software changes will no doubt have unanticipated repercussions. Let’s try to work through them together.

Thanks for your understanding.




Please check your email… regarding Bottoms up and the error the software caused last night.




Please check you email…regarding KC Partners and KC Elite and the error the software has caused.



Gilbert - Try your trade now and let me know.


Thank you it now works fine.