Im a system owner… Does anyone know how to turn off margin in system?

Just do not use it. I think it is always available. Stats are calced based on equity not equity+margin.

Thanks… But my system requires that I add a large number of BTO Limit orders on an EOD basis. Most of which will not be executed but there will be times on big down days(like today) when more orders will hit their limit price than I have capital for. Is there a way to limit the number of positions to be open to the amount of equity without margin?

John -

In the “edit system details” page, there is this:

Automatically cancel opening orders when buying power drops

Some systems issue a flurry of opening orders at the beginning of the day (that is, orders to enter positions), then wait to see which will get filled, and then cancel the remaining orders when a sufficient amount of “buying power” has been used. We can help you implement this kind of strategy. Below, you can tell C2 to cancel all pending opening orders when your system buying power drops below a certain dollar-value threshold. Orders “to close” positions will not be affected. If you don’t understand this paragraph, you probably don’t want to use this feature.

Cancel pending opening orders when Buying Power drops below (leave blank not to use):


You would just have to account for the available margin in this calculation. And, you’d probably have to change the value often, since it is dollar based and not %age based.

It doesn’t look easy…

Thanks Kevin… But I dont think this will help me…

John, when you run a system on C2, there’s no way to insist that C2 should prohibit usage of margin. It’s really your responsibility to only place the orders that you want to see filled (or to cancel those you do not want to see filled).

Thanks Matthew, Could I set the buying power feature equal to 1/2 of the total buying power? ie if I have equity of 50000, this means I have buying power of 100000. Could I set the "Automatically cancel opening orders when buying power drops" feature to 50000 to ensure margin is not used?

This is very unfortunate Matthew. Given that our real investment accounts are set up to have or not have margin, I don’t understand why you cannot program the C2 accounts to not have margin if that is the desire of the developer.


Fred, John, or Matthew

Do you know if this issue has been looked into or resolved? I personally do not wish to use margin

Can this be done in the future with the "Constraints" beta feature?

Sum of all open positions may take no more than % of system capital