Matthew - Signal Entry


EVERY single time I run the following Signal Entry API, it results in an order with a quantity of two, when I specify quant=1 (actually it does this under many different parameters, but this is the one I just ran…)


Can you try this yourself?

Two questions:

1) Using excel to generate this? Other people using excel have experienced an issue where signals are repeated twice (by excel, not c2). There’s a solution out there, but before I do the research can you confirm you are using excel?

2) Which system id (so I can study the logs)?

I just put in it in MS Word and clicked the link.

I ran it just to test and understand the Signal Entry API, I am trying to get it to work first

and since Word is also an MS Office app, your excel fix would probably also work on MS Word…

Okay, then consider this a public post. Can someone who has created an excel or word interface to the C2 API please remind me how they got around the "double-get" error when someone clicks a link in an office app?