Meta Risk Management

Is there a method for filtering out trades from a system based on the risk level assessed by C2?

When looking at the hypothetical trading results for a given system, C2 displays a column for "Risk" and assigns a value of low, medium, or high to each trade.

What are the criteria used for this evaluation? (e.g. percent drawdown based on stop loss?)

Is there (or could there be) a facility to specify maximum risk level for trades based on this assessment. (This is a different concept than the currently-available stop loss tool)

Are you asking whether it is possible to set up AutoTrading so that trades are filtered by this risk assessment? If this is your question, the answer is no, because the risk assessment ex post – that is, after the trade is closed. It would be a very neat trading tool to know how badly a trade will perform, long before the trade is opened, but even C2 cannot yet work that magic.