MK - "oscillation" suggestion


I’m currently giving “generation 2” autotrading a try and read about the “oscillation” problem, which can occur (as I understand) when your real-life account size (and hence scaling factor) is too small compared to the system on C2, such that small order sizes cannot be handled correctly.

I also understand that even though C2 suggests a min account size (and scaling factor) for each system based on last month’s trades to prevent oscillation, this cannot prevent oscillation entirely. E.g. when the vendor suddenly switches to a much smaller trade size.

My suggestion is to let vendors choose a min number of minilots traded (which can be changed, but with a few days delay and notification to subscribers), and disallow any trades with sizes below this minimum. This would rule out the possibility that a vendor can suddenly switch to a much smaller size, and would seem to prevent better against “oscillation” than using a historical estimate.