Multicharts to C2

Matt, please have a developer create an add-on the c2 signal entry so that Multicharts has a way to post fills to IB or PFG.

Multicharts is way better than tradestation, tradebullet, and trader68, but the ladder two seem to be execution engines.

If you can create a MultichartstoC2 software program that would be great. I see has code you can put into your program to execute, but along with that disadvantage you’d have to write a completely separate interface between backtesting, optimization, and implementation scripts, so that is not a solution.

A MultichartstoC2 could work similarly to Tradestation Real Life Fills. It would also open up a multitude of brokers not currently supported for developers who use Multicharts and their brokers.


We have a new product for MultiCharts to Collective2 signal management that is fully integrated with EasyLanguage. It enables multiple indicators and signals to interact in directly with C2 (ie . no intermediate files or emails!) send signals, move stop losses, check buying power, etc. all from within EasyLanguage code. A 64 bit dll for MC8 and Windows service provide the link from MC to Collective2.

If you would like to trial the product (TradeFeeder), please visit us at