New C2 user: Question on FX autotrading with IB

I have a few questions regarding autotrading forex through IB (started with ConservProfit), which I’ve been actively doing a few weeks now.

  1. Slippage appears rather large, as in cumulative profits being about 80% of the profit listed on C2. One guess I have it’s that my account base currency is SEK and that it may induce additional conversions, but if someone has a different hypothesis or can point to information regarding this it would be appreciated.

  2. C2 autotrading appears to leave some cash after liquidating positions, e.g. I had about 1000 USD, 16 CAD in my account in addition to SEK despite no positions being open. Is there some logic behind this?

(Oh, and of course the SEK can slide on its own while positions are open, but it doesn’t account for the magnitude of slippage.)


This is IB’s way of handling FX positions. A pure FX broker would not have remainders in other currencies.

As far as I´m informed IB isn´t specialized in FX trading anyways. So now that FXCM is gone a better option for FX trading would be Gain Capital I think (if you want autotrading). Though I haven´t got any experience with Gain Capital so I can´t comment on their service. A little research might be useful.

In general, use a broker for the instruments he is specialized in or otherwise you´ll have to take the downside of bad execution/slippage and/or high commissions. IB is good for anything but FX, that´s my personal opinion of course.

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