New Contracts (and DAX)

In response to user requests, I have added the following contracts:






DAX (Eurex)

The DAX is the first contract we support that is not US-Dollar denominated. Here is how it works. While a trade is open, profit and loss will be calculated in Euros but will then automatically be converted to (and reported as) US Dollars, using the latest exchange rates. Similarly, the margin requirements to keep a position open will also be converted from Euros to U.S. Dollars.

This is a new feature, so please report to me anything unusual.

Because of the growing number of European users of Collective2, I will be adding several non-Dollar-denominated futures, including (within the next week) the FTSE. Please email to me any other requests, and I will see if I can accomodate.

The DAX symbol is XG. (So, for example, the March 2005 Dax contract is XGH5.) Trading hours are 2:50 am through 2:00 pm New York time.