New @ER2 (Emini Russell 2000) Symbol is @TFS

As some of you may know, the Russell 2000 futures contract is moving from the CME exchange to the ICE/NYB exchange. This means the C2 symbol for this contract will change, as of the expiration of the September 2008 contract on Sep 19 2008. After the September 2008 contract, the @ER2 symbol which we know and love will be no more.

The new symbol will be @TFS.

For example, the December 2008 Emini Russell 2000 contract will be symbol @TFSZ8 (the final Z8 means Dec 2008; for further help on futures symbols please see ).



I only know about the symbology page now because you posted it here.

How would one find it from the main page?

Maybe there are other pages I am missing.

the symbol table is uner the order entry box…