New to Seetu - How to calculate Stochastic Indicators?

Hi C2-Team and Community,

I’m new to Seetu and have spend some minutes toying with the sample codes and repositories. There are few things that I couldn’t identify, so I’m looking for your support to get proper started.

For the strategy I have in mind, I am in need to calculate a Stochastik Indicator, Bollinger Bands and RSI. While I found the lines of code needed for BB and RSI, I’ve noticed that the code to calculate StochD and StochK isn’t implemented (according to this source:

Does anyone have a workaround for me ?

In addition it’d be great to know some more about the possible money management functions in seetu. I found code to set the size of a position to a certain % of portfolio value using:
SetPositionSize( 10, spsPercentOfEquity );
// for 10% of Total Vaue as Tradesize

By theory I’d be more interested in specifying minimum and maximum of trade size. But as this is not specific enough for an automated system I think I’d want to define a positionsize depending on the expected risk/return-profile of the trade. In other words, if the distace between position entry and take profit is bigger than the distance to the stop loss, then the trade is allowed more money the better the ratio. I realize this is probably to advanced to get started with, but maybe someone has already solved this and is willing to share insights?

Thanks in advance