No reviews possible for free trial subscribers

Hey, Matt, I am not one to turn away constructive criticism due to publicity, but I believe that free trial subscribers should not be allowed to write reviews. Unless it is already like that, I would change to a free trial, but following the suspicious posting of a 1 star review, I do not think free trial subscribers should be endowed with this right.

completely agree. I further don’t think subscribers should be allowed to leave a review until they have done so for at least a month.

There have been dome real “dunce” reviews, where a subscriber hammers a vendor for something that seems like their own stupidity. On the other side, are occasional “dunce reviews” by someone who is enamored of a system and does not even seem like they understand or have traded it.

Also, any subscriber that asks for their money back on a system should have their review revoked from that system. This is a way around being a true subscriber.

Still hoping some day, you provide a link to reviews, and let others feedback. Many opinion sites (like allow people to leave comments on a review. These are often quite instructional.

A “subscriber review” only has value if it is someone who paid the fee, seriously tried a system for a sufficient time period to create an informed opinion.


Per that comment, I believe this should be applied retroactively so we will get the true commentary from all the vendors on this site. For vendors charging nothing, though, they open themselves up to this criticism.–