Any idea if/when Oanda will be available for Forex auto-trading?





I would recommend running away from Oanda as quick as possible. They will trade against you, eating up most of the margin you can generate. I am telling you this based on my personal experiennce of trading through them.

David A. Sepiashvili

Hi David,

I personally have been trading with FXCM for several years now. But I have heard good things about Oanda… so I was curious.

Thanks for the heads up.



No problem. I have not looked at them for a while now, but back then If you compared their reported historical data feed agains the data feed you would actually capture in real-time, there were huge incosistencies. They artificially keep spread very tight to attract traders, but have very smart algo in place to shift quotes spacially to play against the traders. An interesting platform is dukascopy. It is a russian company with swiss cover. in my opinion, they are better than FXCM. Have not trtied MB, so cannot say much about them.