Old Discount Coupon Code


If any of my former subscribers who used a coupon code to receive a discount off the regular system price want to resubscribe, do they need to reenter the coupon code number when they submit payment or will the coupon code that they originally used automatically be reapplied when they resubscribe if there is still time left on the that coupon code?

P J I just make a new coupon. Only takes a second and keeps it simple.

Yes Richard, that is a good solution but I’m still curious to know the answer to my question.

They would need to re-enter it or receive a new subscription price-reduction coupon from you.

FYI to all system developers: You can create coupons that offer price reductions to new subscribers, or you can adjust current subscribers’ prices by using the Subscriber Management page. To reach it, go to your system and pull down the ADMIN menu.