Options Symbols


In a system, how do I know what the options detail is from a symbol? For instance if the system sold x number of BP1022Q46, how do I know if they are calls or puts? strike price? exp?

It seems the last 2 digits are the strike price.


Click the blue "Explain Symbols" button above Recently Closed Trades area.


What about for positions that are open?

See http://www.collective2.com/symbology_stockoptions.htm

Actually, this is a design flaw: if you press the Explain Symbols button, then the closed positions will instantly update themselves and show what the symbols mean. The open positions will not.

However, if you then leave the page and go back to it, miraculously the open positions will now display what the symbols mean.

I intend to fix this shortly, but for now, if you are absolutely dying to know what a symbol means in the open positions area (probably a good idea, come to think of it), then leave the page and come back, after Explain Symbols has been turned on.

Yeah, I know, we’re always at the forefront of great user-interface design.