Please Fix How "Enter" and "Shift-Enter" are handled in Message Center

Please change the way the “Enter” key works in the C2 Message Center. Hitting the Enter key should not send the message being written; it should do what it does in every other application ever written (including here in the C2 Forum); that is, it should add a new line to the text being written.

Sending a message written in the Message Center can and should be done using either Cntrl-Enter (preferred) or Shift-Enter (which C2 now oddly interprets as “add new line”).

It is incredibly frustrating to inadvertently “send” messages which have only been half-written and may have not even been proofread by simply forgetting that–in the Message Center only and nowhere else in any app ever written-- “Enter” doesn’t mean “Enter”.


The message center UI is shit, and I will be revamping the entire thing. But for now, as a bandaid, let me see what I can do.

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Also for leaders with multiple strategies being able to write one broadcast message and check boxes to send to paying and non-paying subscribers for multiple strategies at once would be nice.

Much appreciated. Thanks, Matt!

This has been implemented.

I have on my list a complete reimagining of the message center, but, for now, maybe this will help.


Small note:
The tooltip still describes the old behavior.

Feature request for message center: A way to sort by unread messages