Popularity vs viewed statistic

What does the viewed N times statistic under Crowd Opinion on the individual system pages represent ?

My system, CogniTraderSP, has had a fluctuating Popularity bar in the grid for the past few weeks, sometimes approaching the maximum bar size. However it’s viewed statistic has been very low (it currently stands at 6).

So if Popularity is determined by the number of views (perhaps within some time interval) I have trouble reconciling the observed Popularities with so few total views (which I assumed was what the viewed statistic indicated).

Hi, Timothy:

The "# times viewed" stat counts all registered users who are not the system owner.

The popularity stat counts all users (registered or not) who are not the system owner. (Filtering is done by IP to prevent "gaming" the stat by bots or system owners with too much time on their hands).

So it is conceivable (though hard to really explain) that the first stat would remain static (and low) while the second could fluctuate and sometimes appear high.



Thanks for the explanation. I suspect the "all users" vs. "registered users only" difference is what accounts for the discrepancy then.