Portfolio gain in 1 month 23% vs 28%

Can you explain why C2 shows my trade history that equates to approximately 23% gain in the last 30 days but system info shows approximately 28%?[LINKSYSTEM_82728962]

I’m not sure exactly which numbers you are referring to and where you are seeing them, but perhaps it would be helpful to remind you that C2 includes your system monthly subscription fee in your results when calculating return percentage.

If this doesn’t answer your question, then write to help@collective2.com describing the numbers you have a question about – that is: on what screen you see them, and how they are labeled, and what your question is.

The difference is between closed trades and model account status. When hand tallied, the closed trades equate to approximately 23% gain in the 1st 30 days. However, the model account status shows an approximately 28% gain. I thought the tally of the actual closed trades should equal the gain shown in the model account. Sorry for the confusion. I’m happy with both profit percentages in a month but I just want to understand the difference.


The Model Account number is a raw number that contains no commissions or fees.