Realism factor

Mods or Admin,

If my system initiates/closes positions on the open how is the realism factor not closer to 100%? For listed securities orders entered well before the open your broker must participate in the opening print. And for OTC, Super Montage or ARCAs opening auction get you pretty darn close.

So far one of my of my goals here is to make the realism factor higher. How can I accomplish this?


No suggestions from the site owner?

Hi Meredith,

Good luck getting an honest response about this specific issue and very important feature. Not only it’s very vague but also you will notice that it’s geared towards forex traders since that’s the most liquid market on the planet. I have nicely requested from the developer to give each and every trade (opened and closed) its own RF value in a separate column to make sure it’s calculating every trade properly and fairly, not just a combined single value…I got no response and that was a month ago. However, he does say(if you click on the link) that you have to take it with a grain of salt. That much is a fact. You can message me if you have any other questions.

Hi, Meredith:

I need to look into specifically how the software came up with your Realism Factor (RF). As I’ve said numerous times (might as well do it here, too) it’s a new feature that is under development. That’s why I am not yet comfortable making RF scores easily accessible and sortable from front search pages. RF scores are currently tucked away on the System Details page, and strongly “caveated” when described to viewers.

Over the next few days I’ll investigate why your score is being affected, even though you are executing market orders at relatively small quantities. I don’t have an answer yet, so please be patient.


Thank you both for your replies.

Matthew, I look forward to hearing how I can improve this score to make the system more attractive.