Request : Add more filters to the Grid

Hello Matt,

I wanted to know if it is possible to add filters for all the criterias in the grid; in addition to already existing ones.

It would help people make a decision based on their own acceptable values for the performance indicators ( sharpe, apd, profit factor etc )

This way If someone wanted to look at systems which fall in their aceptable performance indicators listed on the grid, they would select the filters and bingo they will have a list of all the system which match their req

For e.g. If someone wants to know how many system have

1. Annualised Return >= 300%

2. APD >=.30

3. Avg Trade time of < =24 Hrs

4. Sharpe of >=2.0

5. Profit Factor >=15.0

Result : FX 101


Hi, Sushil:

I completely understand your desire for this; I want this feature too! Indeed, it has been scheduled on the upcoming project list, and - while I don’t have an estimated time of completion - I assure you it is near the top of the list of new features to be added.

Good suggestion. Thanks.