I have no subs whatsoever, no auto trading no subscription.

Can I rescal my system down, and then be able to rescale it up, if I still have no subs?

You can always rescale down, but cannot rescale up.

I would caution against rescaling. I did it for my system and some of the calculations have been severely messed up. For example, my realism factor going into the scale down was around 99.7. It is now 226 and the scale is only supposed to go from 1 to 100. I have lost one of the strongest selling points for my system and I question whether it has cost me subscribers. I have asked Matthew to fix it, but he is very busy and has given it a low prioritization. (I am not knocking Matthew in any way-I trust he has the big picture in mind). With that said, scaling down is my single biggest regret about C2 (otherwise very happy) and highly recommend against it.




rescaling also affects C2 Ranking for whatever reason

One good thing about NOT rescaling, is that you usually use a smaller percentage of your account, and that likely makes your equity curve more variant due to higher leverage