Sample in Visual Basic, please!


I am a VB programmer, but I have never try to call an URL.

I need that my program (excel Basic) calls the following URL (all on one line):

http://www.collective2 .com/cgi-perl/signal. mpl?cmd=signal&



As the collective2 page tells. It is supposed to be a ‘trivial matter in VB’ but I have never done it and I don’t know the commands involved.

I think there are a GET command and a POST command, isn’t it?

I just a need a very simple example, it is sure it is not difficult…

Thanks in advance

I wouldn’t call it trivial, but there are useable VB code postings all over the net. One example is:

That code isn’t integrated but the basic modules you need are there. If you search you can find totally integrated code that does it for some task or another.

Just use the inet control.

Thank you very much!

I am going to try both answers…!

Good luck and warm weather :wink: