Server down?

STO 10 XGM6 5659 6/5/06 3:15 BTC 10 5613 6/5/06 3:58 n/a No calc $0

Mathew. I tryed 3 times to exit this trade and it didn’t work. Now i’m out on a price almost 12 point higher (it’s a short trade so less profit than wanted). This is not the biggest problem. I also see a P&L of $0. It shoeld be much, much more. hope you can fix this. 1st problem is a difference of €3000. If you can’t fix that, no problem. But please fix the $0 profit.

Hi Matthew,

Just put a market order and it doesn’t seems to go through here either. It says Email Pending, Trade Pending… It usually go through quite quickly and now it’s been more than 5 minutes and obvisouly the price has moved quite a lot already. Hopefully you can fix this. Thanks, Jon

Problem is fixed.