Something wrong with buying power?

Now I almost have 0 position. However my buying power is much less than 1/2 of my cash. Could somebody take a look at it?

About 1 minute after you posted, I see your Buy Power is exactly equal to your cash. Perhaps it took a minute for the web site to update the info (?) but as of this moment, it looks okay to me.

Shouldn’t it be 2 times cash?

This is what I am seeing. Buy Power: $163,646. But my cash is more than 340K .

Oh, I see what you mean. That is wrong. You only have one share of JVA left open, but the position does seem to be (wrongly) tying up your cash. Why don’t you just go ahead and close that one share. That will probably clean up the issue. In the meantime I’ll investigate what’s going on behind the scenes.

I just did what you said. I still get buying power problem. This is what I am seeing. Buy Power: $163,651. However now I have all cash with 345K.

OK. Hang on. Let me try to see what’s going on. More shortly.

Now I see your cash at ~$345K. Sometimes it does take a second for the cash and buying power to get updated on the web site.

I still need to look into why C2 didn’t display the correct cash amount at the moment you were holding only 1 share open, but as of now, I think things look okay and correct.