Stars Of Collective2

I’ve just updated my analysis of the best systems on C2 (according to my view of the world!). Find it at:

I’ve introduced a new category called “Stars Of Collective2” to highlight mature systems (over 179 days old) that have been in at least 2 consecutive Best Systems lists. The initial members are:

* Team Aphid Bird, and

* Gold Swing Survivor Futures

Another system to appear on both lists (but doesn’t yet qualify as “mature” - it should by the next update in March) is:

* Jubilee

The remaining five systems to meet all the criteria for inclusion on the list are all new members to the list:


* TrendSensor Golden Index

* TrendSensor >> J U M B O

* GoldenStocks Short Only

* Lilac

EXLENCE rocketed from nowhere on the last update (Nov 2007) to number 2 on the list - congratulations to Chris Freeman!


* Have Fun

once again earns a “special mention”.

Congratulations to the owners of all the systems mentioned above, and especially to the new Stars Of Collective2 - I hope you are all gaining subscribers steadily. Certainly, you are contributing to the reputation of C2, and helping it become the “go to” place for the best trading systems.

I have more comments on these systems at My Analyst page:

Murray Nickel