Straddle margin

C2 is not netting the margin for short straddles. In particular I was trying to put an SPY straddle, but the system calculates each leg’s margin individually an do not net so it is basically demanding 2 times the margin required in real accounts. According to CBOE, margin for a straddle is almost the same as for a single call or put. This is of course also true in Interactive Brokers and I would assume in other brokers.

Please email me the systemid and the exact multi-legged trade you were trying to place. We do actually try to recognize straddles, so I’m curious what happened here. Send info to and I’ll look into it. Thanks

Thank you. I’ve sent an email yesterday but still no answer.

Is it possible to simulate the margin requirement before trading? I can’t find the required margin in the trade entry screen. I can only see it when an order is rejected because of low margin.