System--Daily Income

Basic reply to all who replied to my last post. Basically I happen to agree with everyone–and thanks for your stimulating thoughts/suggestions. As to defining “return”–and how-if I were true to what I do–i could be a millionare in 82 months–I guess that is theoritcial true. But as soemone else here said–we really can’t predict the future–and we really can’t successful trade without risk. I don’t consistenly make $100/day–what I said is that I Averaged $100–many times having $300 losses–few times more. I started this game basically less than broke–so I’m surviving. Also–talk about risk–what if I was trading 5 contracts ( with acct of 50,000–if I had it)? That means–mentally I’d have to be able to handle a $1500 loss some days–for me that’s a chunck.—then since we all know we can’t realistically predict the future–what if I suddenly get a lot of $1500 losses?–mentally–now what do I do—and keep in mind–I’m still working 60-80 hrs a week. Therefore–yes, I would certainly love to trade my 60-80 hr labor for a really good automatic system.—But I already know the reponse I’m going to get–“Lots of Luck for what You are Looking for”.

Pat, you are barking up the wrong tree. 100 dollars per car daily is way above average for most of the futures sytems on this site. Bump contracts to 10 (50k portfolio start), sign up a few guys at XX per month, and send the orders to C2 …

I know professionals (prop traders, hedge funds) whose goal is only about $50 per contract per day. $100 is achievable, but not by most.

Of course, I’m talking about a $50 daily average over 5+ years. And that’s what people should be thinking about.

Over short periods of time, anything is possible.

I agree–about “Lucky”–about 6 months–and probably isn’t going to last forever–that’s why still spending 60-80 hrs. As to what someone else said about $50/day-average-----If I had solid/definitve/objective/tangible rules to follow–I would jump at $10/day–average. Problem–when I take stoploss into consideration–my rules take me to the $100 target–that’s just how the rules come out. Someone–tell me where to find it-- the $10/day rules whose rules are objective/tangible!

The numbers don’t jive. If you have been averaging $100 per day for six months, your account should be much larger than $5000. Any way for the return you are looking for, you should only be using money you can afford to lose. Don’t take your success so far for granted. To average 2% per day for 6 months is exceptional but considering your lack of experience I would have to attribute it to luck. I hope it continues for you.