Real-life AutoTrade Data now on system page

You’ll notice a new feature: for any system that has been AutoTraded, we now make available real-life brokerage execution data for your review. Look for the “Show AutoTrade Data” button next to the Recently Closed Trades area.

The button only appears for systems with AutoTrade data. Keep in mind that sometimes, a system might have been AutoTraded in the past, so you may need to page backwards through the trade history before you are shown broker execution data.

Bravo, I take back all the bad things I said. I even like your profile photo now, it makes me want to read your book. Are you sending out any complimentary copies?


Matthew’s book “Con Ed” is pretty good. 4 star review at Amazon.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it is made into a movie.


Would be great if it could include commissions. Same for the real life $ report of subscribers that are autotrading


Sometimes the number of contracts autotraded don’t add up. More closed than were opened and such.How come? The program didn’t record some of it or is it because more subscribers autotrading it and they keep turning autotrader on and off?

Also, I saw a "Number of Brokerage Accounts" stat yesterday, but gone today. Was that pulled as to not tell how may subs a system may have (as a minimum)? It was nice to know if 3 accounts trading 1 each (so to speak) or 1 traded 3. Of course I would also like to know how many subs and autotrading subs each system has (as a subscriber, but not as a vendor).


One problem with complete subscriber total disclosure - Knowing number of subs will lead to lemming syndrome, or alleged "safety in numbers."

Showing auto trade info is particularly useful with scalping systems. When you see an equity curve going up smoothly, then suddenly go flat or down when (coincidentally?) they get auto traders, that gives cause for concern.

Based on system vendor feedback, we’ve stopped displaying number of brokerage accounts that AutoTrade a particular system. Some vendors have expressed concern that this information can be used as a proxy for their subscription revenue, and thus does not respect their privacy.

I’m not sure that I agree with this, but for now we’ve removed the “number of AutoTrade brokerage accounts.” We will continue to show the number of shares/contracts that are being AutoTraded.

I see the point, but I would like to see it. Can you enable the information for all paying (not free trial) customers to the system? That might be a good compromise.

"We will continue to show the number of shares/contracts that are being AutoTraded."

Do you mean the sum of all subscribers/autotraders? Wouldn’t that be a proxy for subscription revenues too? (the free for autotraders model)