System no t displayed in the grid

hi,i was trying to locate "forextrend" in grid ,but its not present,when i loged on i was able to see it ,it was number 7 or 8 from the top,then i tryed using other computer and smartphone without loggin on ,and its missing from the grid alltogether ,there was another system not present "pipalert" Well it means that potencial subscribers not aware that sistem exist at all. Question number 2: youhave now free versian of collective for not USA customers ,if its free ,how the system developer will be payed,at the moment collective states that i have 10 subscribers,but when i am checking remmitance or money due coming in future ,theres 0$,why they all subscribed for free,when i charged them 45$ a month?

Both of those systems are shown in the grid whether I am logged in or logged off. It is most likely that you have a filter in one of your columns (or you are filtering by the wrong instrument). If the filter is not visible, then it is in a hidden column. You will need to "show" all of the columns until you can find and delete this filter.



Type forex trends with a space between the two words. It will show up in the Grid for sure.

On question 2, here is MK’s reply:

In contrast to the way things work on the USA site, where system developers charge monthly subscription fees for their system, on the non-USA site, there are no subscription fees. Instead, system developers are paid on a per-transaction basis for all trades that take place in real-life brokerage accounts. This means they get paid more for larger accounts.

The reason you can’t yet see how much you will be paid is because we launched the non-USA site without having the real-time reporting software in place for system developers. But don’t worry - we’re still keeping track of all activity in real-life brokerage accounts (there has not been much yet, since we just launched), and we will compensate you for any activity – we just haven’t finished the online reporting to allow system developers to see their transaction volumes in real time. We hope to have the reporting software online within 14-21 days from now.

The amounts that will be paid to system developers will be as follows.

For forex: $0.50 per round-turn minilot.

The amount paid for futures trades is still being discussed with our broker partners. We originally proposed paying system developers $0.50 per futures contract bought or sold, but we received some (very strong!) feedback from system developers telling us that was far too low, and we’ve taken that feedback to heart. The final pricing will probably be an order-of-magnitude higher than this, due to the nature of the futures market, but we are not quite ready to formally announce it. We still have a few more discussions scheduled with broker partners. We hope to publish the final futures pricing by the end of next week.

So, in summary: hang in there. The new, international C2 site is very much a work in progress. The reporting isn’t quite done, and even the pricing is still not formally confirmed. But, that said, we’re all very excited about the positive response the non-USA site has gotten so far from its international users. (P.S. Unfortunately, the non-USA site is only available to non-USA people, and is compatible only with non-USA brokers.)

We promise to announce more details very soon. Stay tuned.

- Alen

well ,i did try again without loggin in,cliked on The grid ,filtered by forex,then c2 score ,my is 999 so i should be numer 5-7 from the top, And it.s not there,tryed to search within results ,its not present at all

on a computer i loged on theres 3 forex systems displayed with score 999, on the other computer without loggin on theres only one displayed with score 999(babboozeled),how can it be?

ok,never mind ,it could be issues with software,the other computer is smart phone samsung note and for some reason it only shows 1 system with score 999,but as soon as logged on from it ,it will display4 systems with score 999,thank you for you help