System reviews

I would like to be able to review any system that I subscribe to and more than once since performance and methodology for some systems can change over time.

Currently, C2 decides when to “invite me” to write a review. I don’t know what the criteria is but a couple weeks is not enough time to evaluate a system, this takes months. Furthermore, if I don’t write a review within a certain period of time, C2 removes that option.

I’m not sure if this is by design (perhaps C2 is catering their providers who don’t want negative reviews a la Yelp) or perhaps this is an oversight.

Any reasonably smart person can tell the difference between an honest negative review and someone just complaining. Limiting reviews aids poorly managed systems in obfuscating their poor trading methods, potentially trapping unsuspecting clients. Other auto-trading systems I’ve looked at encourage multiple reviews of their trading systems.

It is exactly the opposite of the reason you suspect. By inviting users at random to submit a system review, we decrease the possibility of shill reviews or indirectly-“compensated” reviews. In other words, our policy attempts to keep reviews honest.

Well that’s admirable but in practice I can’t review some of the systems that I’ve subscribed to for months because of this policy.

Why not allow subscribers only to review their systems say once a month? Over-moderating the review system doesn’t help anyone because there’s no information.

You’re not giving your subscribers enough credit to be able see through the “shill” reviews. Let’s face it, there’s really no verification that the system author knows what they’re doing. They might just be lucky for a few months or they’ve bought the system from someone else. Who knows? At least have the “forum” tab enabled for all systems so we can see what others have experienced.

Additionally, the forum needs work. I can’t for the life of me search for anything and get a decent result. There are some really nice forum software options out there. Thanks.

So here is the problem: Last month I reviewed a system that hadn’t performed very well but because I was “given a chance” to review them, I left a negative review. That was all I had to go on.

Fast forward to today and I’m happy with the system and would like to update my review to a positive one…only I can’t. The system author would probably like this to happen…only I can’t.

Please rethink this review policy.