Systems not on Grid; Systems not on My Site

I have two issues related to the display of Systems:

(1) Although I have 8 active systems, only 6 show up on the Grid because of the “6 completed trades” Rule. These two missing systems historically trade only a few times per year, meaning that it could take over 3 years before I have 6 completed trades – and yet these systems historically make 20-30% annualized gains with modest drawdowns.

(2) Although I have all 8 of my Systems selected for “My Site”, the only two that appear are precisely those two that DO NOT appear on the Grid; the other 6 systems ‘used to be’ on “My Site”, but they are not there now.

It will be easy to place 2 round turn with a very small profit trades just to start a visibility.[LINKSYSTEM_78964172]