Thoughts on Athena II system

But…but…but…are you not the wisest of the wizard…on this planet ??? you are a statistician and knows everything ! Right ???

So please show us how good you could be and not how bad you have been…in your performances, ratios, risk/reward etc etc !!!

Why dont you analyze your own systems and come back with your wise analysis ???

I have done my homework, just look at the leverage, ratios, drawdowns or whatever you like, of MY system !!!

And continue to watch ! Watch only…because you wont be welcome as one of my subscribers.

The difference we have between you and me is that you are not what you pretend to be, you are not a statistician, or a bad statistician and I, what I do is applied statistics contrary to your empirical statistics.

The difference is shown on YOUR and MY performances !

Peter HULBERTis lying again…again and again…when he is saying he was never referring to a particular system…when in fact he did “his” NASTY analysis on Athena.

And I noticed that HE criticized many things and people here on this site AND THAT ALREADY MANY VENDORS ARE NOT HAPPY WITH HIM !!! They all say the same thing that I say :


Scroll, scroll, scroll

who the h…cares about those folk’s mental exercises.

Maybe we should have a special thread here for the ‘wise’ folks who like to listen to themselves talking, just like they have this place in Hyde Park in London…‘Speakers’ Corner’, where everybody can stand on some platform and babble away to their hearts content, then they can write endless posts picking apart systems and vendors…because they are too scared to trade the market themselves…at least that way they could insult each other with their rude language, and not well meaning system developers and vendors…


You missed again the point. I was not reffering to one of the good one systems- So please stop all your stupid remarks and work on your system. You have a lot of work

Just wait for your next margin call

And for the last time now for you:

it’s very interesting to see who is reacting to these critical remarks about very risky systems. Exactly the ones offering them and getting scarred. Those with the good systems are always relaxed.

And by scrolling don’t forget to backtest your system and tell all of us about your results. We are missing them. Otherwise I fear your next margin call will come very soon.


Have you ever tested your system and what are your results and ratios? Lets show us that you have something to offer.

You have not to fear my next margin call, but only your own poison. I did not have a margin call in 14 years trading futures, so what are you talking about? I made back the funds I lost with Forex by my own futures trading, and I learned a valuable lesson, so all is good.

I will not give you a backtested record, although it exists, because it looks so good, it’s unrealistic, because it’s useless to backtest a futures contract for 10 years, that was created in October 2001. All that counts is the forward trading represented here in C2, and that’s why I am here.

And unless you produce someting better here than those you critizise, or anything productive for that matter, just shut up!

And this is all you get out of me, because folks like you feed on other people’s energy and I refuse to give you any more.

I’ve had enough dealing with the likes of you !


Perfect. Now we know that you have nothing to offer. So nice not to hear from you. You seem to be of very low profile

Your reaction is a very primitive one and typical for those that have nothing to offer. Again the good vendors are relaxed they don’t need this kind of reaction. Please, please don’t reply anymore. No time for you. Go forward with your risky investments.

There seems to be an inordinate number of Peter’s active on this board. Maybe I should change my name…

Pete with an asterisk - That’s a good one!

Funny you talk about offering anything. So far you offered absolute nothing. You sound like Pal. Lots of talk, but no substance. I wouldn’t be surprise if you are another alias of his. You obviously read some book about trading and think you know it all now, but all you show is how little you know.


PS: This will also my last post to you. I agree with Peter P. People like you just feed off responses.


The discussion here has been about relating risks to profits. If you agree with the high risk profile of some systems and you think you can control them then it’s absolutely ok. You should know how much risk you want to take. But for many other subscribers is very usefull to get more information about the risks taken by several systems. Please make me a favor to not reply anymore because I know your style from other message boardes and I don’t want to deal with you anymore. Once you wanted to leave C2 and all welcomed this fact.

  • Once you wanted to leave C2 and all welcomed this fact.

    This is not the first time you said this. I asked you before to prove it. Post the date, time and message of this. I am yet to see you do this.

    You want to talk about risk? You have a rating of 294 and an average P/L per unit of just over $7 for your latest system, which is less than even one tick slippage. Also this is your 8th system you are offering on C2. You killed the other 7. You are one of the vendors who keep on starting new systems until you get lucky and have one which performs well in the beginning so that you can fool subscribers and make a quick few bucks before your system blow up and you start a new one. I am sure subscribers would be interested in this as well.

  • Again a prove for your bad minded messages. Results develop over time and not over 2 or 3 weeks

    - the last system that has been offered had one of the highest (if not the highest) return/risk ratios and RF. And if possible to even improve these ratios, so what is your problem with it. But you seem not to understand much about all that.

    - If you have something to offer then offer it. But sofar I see nothing from you. Very typical.

And here the prove for it and this is not the first time Sir, I’ve seen at least two times but no more time to search.

As to the ratings: there has been much discussion about being very strange sometimes. So please get first your good systems or let the others do the good work. You seem not able for offering something

Here the attachment for you Sir:

Posted: Henry Rearden

When: 1/02/06 (18:22)

List subjects


In response to post by Chris Morse of 1/02/06 (18:06)

Quote: "Ratings are not for the systems, but for the trader."

What a stupid comment. How does a trader get meassured? By how good a person he is? By where he went to school? If his bank account is bigger than another person? …

See entire


You are forgetting that a trader can have multiple systems.

What are you trying to prove here. That you are not dumb? Everyone knows how dumb you are when it comes to trading. Some people are born that way. Nothing wrong with that. So no point in trying to change that by posting garbage and pretending that you have mastered trading. Atleast Frank had the integrity to admit it. But you can always overcome your slothful ignorance, willfull deafness and enshrined falseheood by hardwork…

Many of us welcomed that you are going to leave C2, but yet you did not. What is your purpose here. Why are you still here?

hmmm…Lets see…

Kavin Sundar, aka Futureware Inc, aka John Galt aka Pal, posted:

"Many of us welcomed that you are going to leave C2, but yet you did not…"

A post from Financial consulting inc. who refuse to sign his name:

"Once you wanted to leave C2 and all welcomed this fact."

Neither can provide prove for this statement.

Financial consulting Inc also has several blown systems and keep on creating new ones, and agree with other people like Peter Hubert who trash other systems except’s Pal’s.



Now you got the prove Sir. Very bad minded person. Only you are blown not the system