Unbearable slippage

C2 needs to fix the slippage problem by making their trade executions better. As the number of subscribers grows for a strategy the subscriber gets penalized heavily and their account will never match the model account performance.

Slippage is unavoidable, I understand that, but something is really off when this is the result.


I’d be more concerned with the first trade the system made of 10 times its normal size trade that suckers in subscribers. Nearly 90% that month.
I honestly don’t care if he does that or starts new systems when they fail the first month but just something to consider.

That would be a different issue, but I want to highlight the increased slippage with the number of subscribers.

Hi I have a question, does this issue also persists using IBKR broker?

This issue has already been discussed here, I believe:

Yep already discussed - the main issue is that CME will not accept too many orders hitting the same price at the same time - limiting it to one per second, but this increased to one processed every 3 seconds with a more recent trade ( 14 minutes for 300 odd transactions) - this will result in poorer results in some cases and better in others - the issue is whether investors can live with the ups and downs. Overall it is a great system and you have the alternative swing, with far less subscribers…thus far

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Are the fills between different subscribers at least random or fearly distributed on different trades so its not all the time the same subs getting 3 seconds delay and some get 3 minutes every time. If thats the case investors might be able to live with it. For intraday trades it will be hard anyway though.

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Random, which means you can be unlucky for a few trades in a row…or lucky. Even with longer delays, this system has been profitable to date, by targeting bigger gains overall. However, the risk is always there that if you are caught in one of those 14 min long delays slippage could be much higher.

The SM had addressed this… and that trade was before subscribers. He has said he will keep position size consistent, now that he has followers. It would certainly be a red flag if I saw a manager adding to any losing positions.

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