Unix epoch time

I’m having some difficulty using the timestamp. I want to park my orders that I submit through the API until 9:30AM. I’m not sure why I can’t just enter a human time, rather than the epoch time (wouldn’t that make it a lot easier?).

Is the only approach to run a calculator every time to get the epoch time? This is kind of a pain.

Is there a parkuntilrelative command?


I will add this for you. I’ll post and email when done.

excellent! thank you!

This is done. Use the new parameter called &parkuntildatetime=

An example:

You want to park an order until 9:31:15 on June 20, 2006:


In other words, format is: YYYYMMDDhhmmss

All times must be in Eastern U.S. (New York City). Clock is 24-hour military clock. Thus, 4pm is 16:00. (And 4am is 04:00.)

Let me know if you have any problems with this.