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Could be helpful regardless of your capital size.

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Based on your recent trades, 1 contract of E-Mini would cost at least 2250x50 = 112500. However, raw model value show 29K.I am confused that will 50% scaling require 56250 based on single contract price ( not sure if a contract less than one is even tradeable) or 14.5K (50% of raw model value). Please help understand 50% scaling equate to how much of capital.

Futures, like E-mini, only require ~$2000-$4000 margin to trade 1 contract (depending on your broker). You don’t need $112500 to trade E-mini. Also, there is no 1/2 contract, so 1 contract can not be scaled down.
In my strategy, I often trade 1-6 contracts for one trade. Typically, it requires >$20000 cash on your account at most.
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don’t you think going from 1 to 6 is quite risky?

Normally, I will trade 2 contracts, 1 for scalp and 1 for swing trade. If the risk is too high, I will trade only 1 contract and have more room to scale in.
If the market run opposite direction, I will look at the momentum closely and scale in twice at most (so 6 is the maximum size) or just take the loss.
So if you check my trades, you will find out only <10% of the trades will reach size of 6 contracts. With high winning percentage, I believe I can minimize the risk at a comfortable level.
Thanks for your interest.

I will add your system to my watch list, if you have 2 months of gains without martingale trades I will join. good luck.