Where's the cash?

A quick question from a newbie - how can you tell what your current cash balance is in your accout? I don’t see it listed anywhere in the numbers C2 gives you. Thanks.

Good point Kenneth,

Can somebody please explain how buying power for a stock system is calculated? It looks like buying power is in fact the cash one has available…until one starts to sell the securities owned. At that point “buying power”increases by a factor 2 and becomes the amount of stocks one can buy including the margin.(which is indeed buying power)

My point: If I look at buypower I can not know if this refers to cash or “real buypover”

2:29:57 buypower $10,000

1st trade) 2:30:49 PM bto 180 VXX buypower:$4,892

That’s fine: I have now 4892 USD cash that I can invest and buy stocks on margin for 4892x2

Next I do few trades more to use all my buying power (20k usd) then I sell to close:

2:40:34 PM stc 300 VXX, buypower $16,964

Why 16k? this is now buypower for 50% marginable stocks, not the cash I have in my virtual portfolio.

2:41:22 PM stc 52 VXX …surprise my buypower has decrease to $9,955

back to the “available cash amount”meaning




OK, I think I have figured out the cash question. In the stats box on the right of the main screen there is a stat called ‘cumu$’. That looks like the cumulative profit since the start of the system. So if you add that to the beginning amount that should give you the total amount. Now if I could figure out buying power…